The Best 4K Gaming Monitor of 2016? | QwazyTech | ViewSonic XG2700-4K Review

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Are you looking for the best gaming monitor of 2016? What about one of the best 4K monitor available today? Maybe the best multimedia monitor for all your editing needs? What if I told you that all these 3 things have actually been rolled together into a beautiful little package ViewSonic labeled the XG2700-4K. The ViewSonic XG2700-4K is a 27″ IPS LED monitor with a display resolution of 3840×2160. This monitor comes professionally calibrated by a factory-certified technician for the best out of the box experience possible. Don’t believe me? They even include the paperwork in the box to prove it. This combination of panel and calibration has provided us with one of the most sRGB accurate displays available at this price point, which is perfect for photo or video editors. But Qwazy, I thought you said this was a gaming monitor??….

Don’t worry, this bad boy comes packed with all the gaming goodness you need! Heck, it’s even in the title. The XG in “XG2700-4K” stands for Xtreme Gaming. How do they make it so extreme? For starters they’ve thrown more inputs onto this thing that you will see on most modern living room flat panel televisions. This allows us a variety of versatility to hookup a PC, gaming console, multimedia device… Or even all of them at once! The panel sports a 5ms response time with the addition of a “Low Input Lag” mode for all you FPs lovers, Black Stabilization Mode, a Blue Light Filter to insure your eyes don’t take a beating during long viewing sessions, and lastly AMD FreeSync Technology. Want one of these for your setup? Checkout the links below for the Canadian and US Amazon listings!

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