Garmin Forerunner 630 REVIEW – Best GPS Running Watch 2016

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Garmin Forerunner 630 REVIEW. I’ve had so many people ask for this Garmin FR630 review and I’m happy to finally have it live. So this watch is a serious beast. It’s an activity tracker, sport watch, and smart watch all in one, which is great. Even more, it’s the most advanced runners watch you can buy. If paired w/ the HRM-Run heart rate monitor, which is the best heart rate monitor for runners, the 630 relay your running dynamics including vertical oscillation, ground contact time, vertical ratio, and ground contact time balance. It also now has a stress level test, lactate threshold test, and a performance indicator test. It really is the best gps running watch you can buy at the moment and also one of the best fit-tech devices and I’ve don’t many many gps watch reviews. Below are some more specs you’ll want to know:

_Activity history storage: 200 hours
_Recovery advisor
_Race predictor
_Auto-scroll, -lap, -pause
_Pace/time/distance alerts
_Interval training
_Various running goals
_Training schedules and workout plans
_Training effect

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