Dell XPS 15 (2016) Review – 15″ Premium Laptop with GTX 960M GPU

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Buy it at Dell – (affiliate link) – The Dell XPS 15 is a refined high-end laptop with great performance.

01:08 – Hardware overview
02:10 – Battery life on 4k display vs 1080p display
04:58 – Hinge opening vs. Macbook Pro
05:26 – Keyboard and trackpad
07:01 – Webcam placement
07:54 – Microsoft Word and Office
08:14 – Photoshop
09:23 – Gaming : Minecraft at 4k
10:49 – GTA V at 4k
12:55 – 3DMark benchmark results and comparison to Inspiron 7000
13:51 – Conclusion and Final thoughts

What’s immediately noticeable on the new Dell are the super thin bezels on its 4k display. It takes the same design cues from the Dell XPS 13 we looked at last year but adds an available discrete GPU from Nvidia (a GTX 960M) along with a new 6th generation Intel Skylake quad core i7 processor.

Mine came equipped with a 4k touch display and 16 gigs of RAM. It also has a 512GB SSD and 3×3 AC wireless. The system also has a USB type C port that also works as a Thunderbolt 3 port. Lots of premium features which is what to be expected at this price point.

In this video we test a version of the XPS 15 with a 4k display. There’s also a 1080p version that can be purchased with the same specifications for around $1800. I recommend the 1080p version as it gets better battery life over the 4k version.

Performance is great and inline with what is to be expected with this CPU/GPU combo. The difference is that they managed to pack it into a form factor that’s a lot smaller and lighter than many other Windows laptops with similar specifications. There’s a price premium for that but those looking for a premium laptop will like what they see here.

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